One Mo’ week!


Me with my ‘mo’.

ImageFor a second year in a row, I’ve committed myself to growing, and more importantly, maintaining, facial hair for a cause.

It’s November and it’s time to grow a moustache in support for men’s health. The effort is to generate awareness among people about the men’s health. And this tiny bit of facial hair does manage to generate¬† awareness, specially when people who are not used seeing me sporting a moustache, notice that i have one and ask me for the reason behind it.

Movember‘ started in Australia, has now spread to many countries around the world. And the funds generated during this campaign, are routed to research and treatment of prostrate cancer and depression in men the world over.

This is the last week of the campaign (ends on the 30th of November). You can read about where the money from the campaign here. And if you appreciate my effort, please donate for the cause.