On International Women’s Day

Yet another international women’s day is here. This is marked, world over, with events in various forms. From honouring women and recognizing their contribution at all levels, to acknowledging that there exists an opportunity gap, that we need to actively work towards reducing.
Most of us will be reminded of this day with the forwards that we receive on various social and messaging platforms. And the day, and its significance is forgotten soon after.

There sure has been progress with women being given more opportunities, but a lot more needs to be done. While we need to address issues of Gender Pay Gap[Australia specific data] and Equity and Equality. We need to talk about basic rights, female foeticide and sexual harassment, which are much more common than we think. We need to talk about these issues among ourselves and also in any public platform we have the opportunity to. We need to make people aware.

Today isn’t the day to sit back and relax, instead today is when we look forward and work towards an inclusive and equal world. We should ensure that this day and every other day isn’t a form of tokenism. Progress depends on what we do each and every day after all the hype has died down on a randomly chosen day in March.




Last week, I completed 34 years of existence on this wonderful planet. And I wanted to run 34K to celebrate. Although I set out to run the full 34K, the weather turned from bad to worse. What started of as an windy and not-so-cloudy morning transformed itself into a wet and rainy one. It was a really heavy downpour and I had to cut my run short to 20K (20.7KM to be precise in 1:55’11.5). But I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the run from Portsea to Fort Napean and back.

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Portsea to Fort Napean and back.


It was a beautiful path all the way to Fort Napean. And I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a good run. I did manage to run 34K a few days later though and it was the first time that I ran beyond 20K alone.

Hopefully this year turns out to be better than the last.

I’m not dumb!


I’m not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information.

I’m going through a phase in life, where I’m feeling like how Calvin is, in this strip. I’m hoping that it will pass and I will feel relevant again.

Encourage, it doesn’t take much.

A very interesting opinion from Mike Johnston  :

A bit of encouragement or constructive criticism, goes a long way. I’ve had personal experiences where I  have once been at the receiving end of very negative criticism for various reasons in the open source project that i contribute to. And such incident(s) does impact ones self-confidence. Being sensitive to others feelings, tolerance and words of encouragement do make a lot of difference.

Somebody once told me, If you have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything.  And I can’t help but agree.