Last week, I completed 34 years of existence on this wonderful planet. And I wanted to run 34K to celebrate. Although I set out to run the full 34K, the weather turned from bad to worse. What started of as an windy and not-so-cloudy morning transformed itself into a wet and rainy one. It was a really heavy downpour and I had to cut my run short to 20K (20.7KM to be precise in 1:55’11.5). But I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the run from Portsea to Fort Napean and back.

Click for larger image

Portsea to Fort Napean and back.


It was a beautiful path all the way to Fort Napean. And I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a good run. I did manage to run 34K a few days later though and it was the first time that I ran beyond 20K alone.

Hopefully this year turns out to be better than the last.

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