Do we really need a president?

While the people in our country are battling the ever-rising living costs, the high inflation and an overall slump in our economic growth, it doesn’t seem to be bothering our political leaders much. Despite several warnings, the polity seems to be battling on the choice for the next president of our nation.

The role of a president in our country is mostly defunct. And for something that has nothing more than a ceremonial value, so much of the government’s time and effort (not to forget the amount of coverage that this gets in various forms of media) is very disturbing in my opinion. Moreover, the amount of tax payers money that goes into maintaining the presidential estate and the president (him/her)self, is not trivial. And even if we do need a president, it should be somebody with a character and intellect that the formal head of a nation needs.

Like my friend said, this whole exercise, seems like an abysmal waste of resources.

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