An N810 in my pocket

Last week, i got something that i take great pleasure in owning. A Nokia N 810 Internet Tablet. I have seen them with the team earlier, and now i finally have one of my own. And it really feels great.
Me and my n810

First, i should really thank team and of-course those guys at Nokia who have been so kind to give out such amazing stuff. And shreyas, thanks a ton dude. I owe it to you.

The N810 runs Linux (on ARM) – and has quite impressive specs. It works quite well mostly, except for a few glitches here and there, specially with the GPS stuff. And it has the camel libs for its tinymail client. I have done a lot of work on the Camel Libs for Evolution, and Philip Van Hoof has made significant changes for camel to work efficiently on a mobile device.

I’m spending sleepless nights, trying to get stuff built and running (using the Maemo SDK). And its been fun so far. I hope to make some significant contributions to the Maemo platform. Will keep my log updated with whatever i do.

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