Mailing List Rants

Each one of us who is subscribed to mailing lists, specially those related to FOSS is quite used to rants. Having ranted on a couple of occasions myself, i don’t find most of the rants appalling anymore.
But mails such as this are quite upsetting. They tend to shift the focus from the more important issues at hand.
Everybody is entitled to an opinion. And i do respect everybody’s right of speech/thought, after all that is the essence of ‘Free’dom, Freedom of expression, in any form. But, i believe, that this ‘Freedom’ should lead to a constructive/positive outcome at the end of the day. Otherwise it just defeats the whole purpose of a movement rooted in ‘Freedom’

The FOSS community in India is relatively a small community, and among us we have so many conflicting opinions. Its not surprising that our Government gets nothing done, since there are so many stake-holders who in trying to express their opinion deviate from the core issues. The people who lose out at the end, are the guys who actually get things done. And such people ultimately get so pissed of with the way things work (or otherwise), they just stop doing whatever good they set out to do. And the world starts to rot even more.
And you will find this happening day-in day-out all around you. Its just like in Ayn Rands’ Atlas Shrugged. I wont be surprised if one fine morning if i find those, who slog their lives out for the world to keep ticking, vanish, never to return.

God save us.

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