The highlight of the FOSS community has always been availability of wonderful pieces of software that one gets used to so much that cannot do without them. Everybody has their favourite set of tools that has become a part of their regular computer usage.
Emacs, Pidgin, Firefox….. the list goes on.

Another software tool that i can’t usually do away with of-late is GIP. GIP is an IP address calculator for GNOME. It provides a simple interface for calculating IP address range, Masks, Subnets and the whole lot.

[ Screenshot of the GIP main tab – Click to enlarge image ]

For a given IP NetMask and Prefix – GIP, among other things, gives you the following information:
* Address range to which the IP belongs to
* Maximum number of subnets
* BroadCast Address
* Hex and Binary Representation of the IP/Mask

GIP also has a subnet calculator.

The project i work on requires me to create and manage large multiple networks. And this tool has saved my day on many occassions. And if you are not such a thing, am sure it will still be helpful.

GIP is available in most distros or can be installed from the distro package repository. On Ubuntu the package is called ‘gip’. More about GIP here.

FOSS, is good.

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